World Community Project

The Common River Community Project

Our MISSION is to create balanced, productive and self-sustaining communities to witness and replicate.
Our GOAL is to enhance the well-being of orphaned and vulnerable children through basic education, health and livelihood development.

Our OBJECTIVE is to invest in the socio-economic potential and well-being of a community through integrated development using the ‘Positive Deviance’ approach.

Common River Believes

It takes indigenous industry to build economic security. It takes education to empower generations to be innovative. It takes Entrepreneurs, women in particular, to find worthy ideas. It takes essential health care to diligently work, study and thrive. It takes environmental infrastructures to create sustainability. It takes investors to create motivation, accountability and success.

The Common River Village

“Wondo” seeks those willing to invest and work together towards a sustainable future with a true sense of partnership. This village has distinguished coffee production and untapped human resources making the ideal model for Common Rivers Community development, creating community socio-economic wellness.

The Common River Project

Common-River-ProjectAfter a recent visit to The Common River Project we were saddened that the horse the village used to transport the ill to hospital had died a few weeks prior. It was even sadder to hear that they were scared to be transported by donkey cart as this is usually the way to take away their dead.


At Christmas of 2012 instead of sending out Christmas gifts to our customers, Aroma donated the money needed to buy the village a new horse, and continue to donate the funds needed to care for and feed the horse.