Roasting Facilities

Aroma currently employs James Craig who is a Q-Grader as our Head Roaster and Quality Assurance Manager. James has been roasting coffee for over 12 years commercially and 18 months ago he obtained his Q-Grader license in Santa Fe Springs, L.A.

Our lab is state of the art; Probat sample roasters, moisture content metres, temp controlled kettles and every popular brewing method known to man. If it doesn’t make it through the lab, it certainly doesn’t make it anywhere near the vintage, 1954 gg45 Probat production roaster. This is where the real magic happens. These lines of roasters are the best that were ever built. The wonderful old-world engineering combined with the inch thick cast iron allows me to apply a modern roast profile with the extra level of development that is so hard to achieve on many new machines.
When using Aroma Coffee you can feel confident that the product has been completely scrutinized at every level and that the utmost care and attention has been taken with every single roast. We guarantee that if used accordingly to our strict recipe for espresso, every single shot will be an exceptional cup of coffee, its all up to you.