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Arkadia Organic Drinking Chocolate is one of nature’s richest. The highest quality organic ingredients have been selected to produce the most decadent organic drinking chocolate. The cocoa is sourced through the fair trade ” Hand In Hand program” one of the most effective means of bringing about positive change to the lives of farmers and their families worldwide.

Arkadia Organic Drinking Chocolate has been created as direct response to the growing number of request for an Australian Made products of this nature. Arkadia Beverages have use their expertise to create one of natures finest (richest) drinking chocolate.

The Arkadia Organic Drinking Chocolate is versatile. It makes a delicious hot drinking chocolate but can be used for cold drinking chocolate such as an iced chocolate.

The Arkadia Organic Drinking Chocolate is packaged with a sprinkle fitment allowing easy sprinkling on top for dusting an organic cappuccino or allows the creation of an organic mochacino when used inconjuction with other organic ingredients.


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