About Us

Our journey starts with you

The Aroma journey starts with you, the person who starts the day with a cup of their favourite blend. Since 1965 we’ve spent time with you, we listened to what you thought, we learned about what you like and then we packed our bags and bought a plane ticket to a far and distant land. That was the start of our journey and we’ve been listening and jumping on planes ever since.

Aroma Coffee is a boutique roastery whose mission is to produce the best seasonal, custom blend coffee on the planet.
Through our business we aim to create a better life for ourselves, our customers and our farmers, whilst respecting the
environment in which we work. We’re not modern day evangelists but we do love our coffee. We also love travelling, building relationships and forging friendships which together results in a product of exceptional quality.

So keep telling us what you think today because tomorrow we can pass that message on to our Indian, Ethiopian or
even Costa Rican friends and continue to improve our unique brand of coffee.

Heaven sent

Since Ethiopia gifted the modern world with the Arabica bean over 1000 years ago coffee has been the source of scandal and intrigue, war and peace, political rebellion and religious ceremony.

The first coffee farmers from East Africa and Yemen boiled their green beans before export to ensure that no one else could grow the magical tree.

Unfortunately for them, coffee captivated the world and fertile seeds were smuggled into India, the Caribbean and eventually over 70 countries across the globe provided ideal conditions for the seeds to flourish.

Coffee has been labeled a ‘tool of the devil’ by priests yet baptized by an enamored Pope who thought it heaven sent. It has been banned by kings yet lauded by Queens. Over 300 years ago a British MP stated that coffee was perfect for “expelling fumes out of the head”.

Coffee has a rich, interesting past and has journeyed from East Africa to every corner of the globe. For the Aroma team, the coffee journey continues. We come from all corners of the globe ourselves, united by a passion for the bean and a desire to create interesting, intriguing and inspiring stories of our own.

Costa Rica, ‘the Rich Coast’, is considered the world’s greenest country and one of the most biologically diverse. In a country where the national slogan is ‘La Pura Vida’, the pure life, you just know the coffee is going to be great
Gavin Gam – Aroma Coffee

La Pura Vida

To source the best coffee in the world you have to get on a plane, train, rickshaw or bemo and explore.

From Ethiopia to Columbia and from Costa Rica to India our travels have given us a better understanding of the countries, coffees, local customs and also the communities and individuals who make the difference.

The vast majority of the world’s coffee production comes from small family run farms, much of which is consumed locally. But how can you be sure the growers are practicing sustainable farming practices and, importantly, how do you know that you are purchasing the best beans?

You have to visit them, meet the farmers, build relationships, walk the fields with them and gain their trust. Only then can you understand the seasonal variations, learn the intricacies of the land and source the best hand picked beans of the batch.

Aroma sources single origin beans from a variety of countries around the world. Our journey has taken us to Hawaii’s Kona orchards, which resemble snow fields after a full coffee bloom. We have sampled beans in the rainforests of Central America with the fresh jasmine like scent of recently blossomed coffee trees filling the air

Exploration, discovery and continuing our journey are what we love most. But the real prize is the coffee and knowing that we have left no stone unturned in our quest to source the best coffee the world has to offer.

Three’s a crowd

Some of the poorest communities in the world rely on coffee for their livelihoods. But what kind of lives do these people lead and how can we ensure that purchasing their coffee will help them?
By forging direct relationships with our farmers and cutting out the middle-man we see first hand the difference our business can make. Not only are our customers guaranteed outstanding coffee, but their support helps build communities from the ground up.

Coffee is more than just a drink to us. It feeds, educates and clothes our families and provides us with a future. Knowing that the end product is appreciated in far away countries and gives us an immense sense of purpose and pride.
Caio E. Jungueira – Brazil

Sun cooled coffee

Whether green coffee beans are roasted in rural Ethiopia on charcoal rocks or in a state of the art kinetic roast control system in Australia, a superior blend comes only from years of experience.

Since day one Aroma has been learning how to roast beans from our farmers, our friends, the people we meet along the way and through our own successes and disasters.

Our farmers help us understand the microclimates and seasonal variations that affect individual crops. We then mix this information with a pinch of experience (over 30 years), a dash of science and all six of our senses. The result? A seasonal blend of the highest quality.

Our farmers are incredibly proud of their coffee. As roasters our first responsibility rests with our customers but we also have a duty to honour the quality of the beans we purchase and create a product that does our farmers the justice they so rightly deserve
Daniel Vergnano, Aroma Coffee

Our journey ends with you

You might never visit the hacienda coffee plantations of Colombia or breathe the rich aroma of incense that accompanies a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony. You might not even want to. Throughout our journey we have come to see that wherever we might live we create and enjoy coffee ceremonies of our own. It’s the moments that matter and the friends and family you share them with that count. To us, Aroma coffee represents a memento of our journey, our experiences, our hard work and the good times that we are proud to be able to share with you.

To you it might just be a great cup of coffee but together we are promoting a better way of life for our farmers, their communities and the environment in which they work. We want to be sustainable, we want to promote transparency and we want you to know that Carlos from Costa Rica is working hard to supply us with the best quality beans he can.
And as you sit back and enjoy your morning latte, Carlos is probably doing exactly the same thing, sharing good times, creating memories and enjoying an Aroma coffee with friends.

At the end of the day, the coffee is just something we share with friends over a moment. Whether we are saying hello or goodbye, enjoying a laugh or having a cry, the fact our coffee is sublime makes those moments a little bit sweeter
Gavin Gam, Aroma Coffee

“Aroma Coffee’s unrivaled consistency is achieved through a rigorous quality control process. Before we commit to purchase, our farmers send us sample bags of green beans, which we test for residual moisture content, bean quality, size and consistency.

After the beans have passed through our sample roaster we analyse the taste, character and flavour profile before
making our decision. Once the main shipment arrives we re-test the beans to ensure that our customers receive a blend
of guaranteed quality”